Trump and Millenials

The election of Donald J Trump as President of the United States of America may come as a shock to many liberals and was a shock to me personally. Many people will argue that his election comes with only negative results for the political sphere. I disagree. The election and the Brexit result in the United Kingdom offers a glimpse of the problems that the outgoing generations are facing with their governments and is an overwhelming rebuttal of the Neo-Liberal agenda put forward by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. The election therefore argues the dissatisfaction with the governments that these generations themselves elected to govern. What are the main problems that the electorate had with the governing of these two Western countries. Yes on the surface it might be the complete rejection of the left as Sam Harris has argued but it might also be a rejection of Global Capitalism’s effects on the sectors of the workforce that are falling behind in the development of the Global Economy. It is intrinsic to Capitalism that the weak fall behind in the fight for Capital. Without this basic principle Capitalism would not have given us such productivity in the West. The Electorate however do not see the broader picture of Global development but rather they see the factory they used to work at close and the whole town becoming an irrelevant remnant in a stage of development that has reached its limits. The core ingredient in Capitalism boils down to profit. When a company or business starts to wither in profit it is useless in the expansion of the Economy. Therefore it must fail. There is no exception given to a factory with less workers rather than a factory with more. If the business is profitable it stays open, if not… In these mining communities that Trump and the rest of his Campaign like to refer to as the ‘silent majority’ are as a matter of fact the citizens of  towns that have become obsolete in the modern world of science and technology. The very system that these ‘Reagan Democrats’ voted for is the system that they now reject. Therefore we, as millennials must see this action and reaction that both stem from the same roots. This question has been asked and answered by the European Union in determining the main economic problems. The Social Democratic Economy would therefore seem to be the most plausible economic outlook for any modern Western country. Many will ask, am I referring to the strong surge of support for Bernie Sanders in his campaign? This surge is worth inspecting and therefore i will touch on it. Why did millennials find so much comfort in what Sen. Sanders was preaching? The answer to this stems from the same reasons why the older Generations voted for Trump. The reason being that the Capitalist system whether it be the global Capitalist system or the domestic system has created voids in the promise of reaching the very sought after ‘American Dream’.  Out of a purely practical point of view there remains a core problem to the Sanders dream. A socialist system like the ones you find in Denmark and Sweden and even Germany come with a steep asterisk. All of these European countries started their socialist project with a certain amount of Capital that could be redistributed toward enabling businesses that would not have developed under strict Capitalist rule. These economies are also more commonly referred to as Mixed Economies and not necessarily Socialist Economies. They have the communal morality of socialism but not the harshness of Capitalism. Therefore one must be cautious in fighting for a socialist country and using the names of these Scandinavian countries as your proof in promoting a working socialist economy, for this is not the case. The constant to and fro between capitalism and socialism in these countries promote a more moderate tone in economics instead of the harsh arena of Capitalism. I am going of track here… Let me get to back to what we as Millennials have to gain from these populist movements; our parents and grandparents chose a system that they thought would create more opportunity for wealth and money, which was the case, but this system can also just as quickly take them away. We need to find a system of economics that promotes morality in pushing for jobs especially in communities that have been affected by the harshness of Capitalism, but we also need to find a system that can use Man’s inherent urge for more and the inherent greed we posses to benefit the species as a whole. This is to be our goal as millennials. Our goal must be to find an economic system that can adapt to a country’s specific needs without it having too large an impact on the weak and must also not be so protective of the strong. The reason for protecting the weak could be a moral argument for another day, but an easy logical explanation would be that as a species we are less vulnerable to attack, whether it be from nature or from outside forces, if we are diverse in our attack. Being said that we are not yet certain what we are defending ourselves against in this fight to survive in our ever-expanding universe.


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